Photofacial Skin Rejuvenation

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Facial rejuvenation is a generic term for any process that makes the face look younger. Photorejuvenation uses laser, intense pulsed light or broad band light (BBL) to clear away uneven and blotchy pigmentation, redness, brown spots, broken capillaries, remove vascular lesions (dialated blood vessels such as rosacea or other abnormal vascular formations such as spider veins). It Improves the overall texture of the skin.  Using the advanced light system, we deliver precise amounts of light energy through your skin's surface.  The light energy stimulates the production of collagen which softens the appearance of aging skin. Redness due to dialated capillaries and rosacea can disappear up to 90% and brown spots are reduced dramatically.  You will have a more even, clear skin tone with a smoother look and feel.  Brown spots will fade, redness will disappear,  and pore size will shrink.


What Is a BBL/IPL Photofacial

Elume Medspa uses Sciton's BBL system to perform the photofacial.  BBL (broad band light) is similar to the IPL (intense pulsed light).  It is ideal for the face, neck, decollete and the back of the hands; but it can be used anywhere on the body where sunspot removal and improved texture of the skin is desired.  Other than a change in the color of the sunspots right after the treatment, there is no real downtime with the photofacial.  Patients can return to work and normal activities the same day.  As the spots darken, they eventually flake off within 3-7 days.  

Candidates for the BBL/IPL photofacial

-Sun damaged skin



-Uneven skin tone

-Large pores

Who is NOT a good candidate for the photofacial

-Those who are on topical medications that make the skin photosensitive

-Tanned skin

-Active cold sores

-Use of Accutane within the last year

What to Expect During Your Photofacial Treatment

A topical numbing cream is optional and can be applied to the skin 30-40 minutes prior to treatment, but it's not always needed.  During the procedure, your eyes will be protected with safety goggles. A cool gliding gel is applied to the area being treated.  Light energy is delivered to the skin which creates a bright flash of light.  Immediately after the treatment, your skin will feel a sunburn sensation.  The degree of discomfort will vary depending on the amount of sun damage and redness being targeted by the laser.  Cool compresses can be applies to the skin.  Brown discoloration will darken at the surface and can take up to a week to flake off of the face and up to 2 weeks for the body.  Sunscreen is especially important in the weeks after the photofacial.  You can choose to use a skin care regimen recommended by us to enhance and maintain your results.  We normally recommend the purchase and use of products at your second visit.  While here at Elume Medspa we don't push you to purchase a package of any treatments, we have found that 2-4 BBL/IPL treatments are necessary to see optimal results.  We recommend a quarterly touch up for our rosacea clients and a yearly touch-up for our clients with sun damage.  




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