Micro Needling Skin Rejuvenation

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Skin needling is a recent procedure in the United States.  Skin needling, also called micro needling is based on fine needle penetration that can deliver some of the same benefits as fractional lasers but at more affordable prices and without the down time.  The Micropen micro needling delivers an unparalleled response via fractional delivery of needles into the epidermis and dermis.  The micro injuries to the skin encourage the power of the body's ability to repair the skin.   MicroPen can be used on any part of the body.  4-6 sessions are recommended 4-6 weeks apart.  MicroPen offers solutions for all skin types with very little down time.

How does skin needling (Micro Pen Microneedling)  work?

MicroPen skin needling creates a small wound to the skin with fine micro needles which will then allow the skin to respond with collagen productions and new skin cells.  Depending on the depth of the needle penetration, the MicroPen can offer skin rejuvenation levels from a simple enhancement of product absorption to the clinical treatment of scars and wrinkles and pigmentation.

What can MicroPen skin needling be used to treat?

Lip wrinkles

Skin texture and tone

Pore reduction

Minimize fine lines and wrinkles

Acne scarring

Melasma and pigmentation improvement

Stretch mark improvement

​Skin Tightening


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